We love to give back by investing in our community.

We host many events in our store.
And we are very excited about our Know Your Neighbor initiative to encourage our community to come outside and get to know our neighbors.
For more information about hosting this event:

If you have a community event or charity that you would like
Chick-fil-A Highland Lakes to participate in or support,
please see our donation request guidelines below
before you complete the
Donation Request Form
 further below and we will review for consideration.

Someone from our marketing team will contact you. 
Please allow three weeks for us to process your request​.

For general marketing inquiries,  
please email us at [email protected]

Know Your Neighbor

Chick-fil-A Highland Lakes Donation Request Guidelines

Chick-fil-A Highland Lakes loves to give back and is proud to be a community partner. Please read the guidelines below and then fill out the Donation Request Form above. We will review it for consideration and contact you as soon as possible. Our two highest donation priorities in 2018 are feeding children that otherwise would not have a meal and contributing to our Know Your Neighbor initiative. 

--We donate to non-profit organizations that serve our community.
--We donate to organizations operating within the Highland Lakes community.
--We donate our products and/or related Chick-fil-A branded gifts.
--Since our food donations are our greatest resource and maximizes our ability to participate in the community needs, our contributions will be in kind donations rather than monetary.
--We consider donation requests submitted here three weeks prior to your event. It must be filled out completely, and the completion of the Donation Request Form does not guarantee approval of your request.
--If Chick-fil-A Highland Lakes approves your request, you will be notified for more details.
--Recipients must respond within a week of being contacted by Chick-fil-A, or donation will be forfeited.

Donation Request Form

Organization Name
Contact Person
Phone Number
Type of Group
Title of Event
Description of Event
Today's Date
Date of Event
Time of Event
Location of Event
Expected Attendance
How can we help?